Fair and Ethical Pricing

PetSafe is committed to providing you with the most upfront and ethical prices in the industry. Carpet Cleaners are known to quote a wide range of prices, anywhere from $19/area up to $89/area but usually if a price seems to good to be true, it probably is. A company charging unrealistically low prices is usually providing either a “splash and dash” where practices such as using cheap and diluted solutions along with the service being so rushed that not all of the solutions are extracted properly, leaving the carpet sticky and a magnet for future dirt plus the rugs often takes forever to dry.

“Bait and switch” is also another tactic of these low cost cleaners...

This is where customers are up-charged for things like pre-spray, spot removal, deodorizers and waste removal fees, which can double or triple the original quote, this is usually a major inconvenience to the homeowner who has planned his day around the cleaning and prepared their home and budget for the service.


3 rooms
$ 139 REG. $219.00
  • SAVE $80
4 rooms
+ 14 stairs
$ 199 REG. $329.00
  • SAVE $100
sofa & loveseat
cleaning package
$ 199 REG. $274.00
  • SAVE $75
any size
mattress cleaning
$ 99 with the purchase of any service of $99 (single side only)
  • VALUE $100

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*up to 200ft² and 14 stairs, rooms can’t be combined

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