Carpet Cleaner Rental vs Professional Cleaning Service

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It’s Time For A Carpet Cleaning!

Carpet Cleaner Rental or Hire A Professional?

PetSafe Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Surrey Compares 

The Difference.

Your carpets are starting to look a bit dirty, and it’s time to have them cleaned back to their former glory. So should you head to your local grocery store and rent a carpet cleaning machine or hire a professional shampoo carpet cleaner service in Surrey?

That depends on your budget, time, condition of the carpet, and ability to perform the carpet cleaning physically. 

Differences Between Equipment 

Let’s start by assessing the condition of your carpets and comparing the two types of machines to make sure the carpet cleaning service will live up to your expectations.

Professional Carpet Cleaners almost always use truck-mount equipment unless cleaning carpet in a high rise or in places our carpet cleaning trucks can’t access. Truckmount equipment is powered by the van’s engine and uses a combination of steam and powerful vacuum suction to deep clean any dirt and debris you may have. Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines are plug-in units, do not generate steam, and have very poor suction compared to professional carpet cleaning machines. Not to mention, you have to regularly fill the machine with clean water and dump the dirty water constantly.

Now look at your carpet and give an honest assessment of its condition. If the soiling is light, only a select area need’s doing, there is minimal staining on the carpet, and you are up to the task, a carpet cleaning machine rental could be a good choice. But if there are a lot of visible dirt, staining, and pet messes, then I’d undoubtedly choose a professional carpet steam cleaner in Surrey.


A carpet cleaning machine rental like a Rug Doctor will typically cost about $50 a day plus chemicals which run about $20 a bottle. You also must factor in your gas and time picking up the machine and dropping it off. But generally, you will be paying around $100 a day with chemicals after taxes with a rental. 

To compare this with a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service, a company like PetSafe charges around $40 per area, including cleaning, stain removal, deodorizing, and waste disposal. 

In perspective, the professional carpet cleaning of five areas would cost roughly $200 compared to about $100 for a day rental. But that would mean you could clean five rooms yourself within the one-day rental period, which brings us to the following comparison.


A professional steam cleaning service can often clean your entire home in under a couple of hours ( depending on size and condition ). In contrast, it could take almost the same amount of time to clean only one area yourself.

The reasons why a professional carpet shampoo service is so much more time-efficient than a rental are:

  1. No picking up or dropping off the rental
  2. No constant filling with fresh water
  3. No dumping of dirty water
  4. Rental machines require multiple slow passes 
  5. Carpets cleaned with rental machine always take much longer to dry due to overwetting and lack of vacuum suction

The Job

Lastly, let’s discuss the actual work. While you may think cleaning carpet is easy and you can tackle the job, here are some things to consider.

  1. Stairs are a nightmare using a carpet cleaning rental. The machines are too big and heavy to make good passes on narrow stairs, and there is no way to clean the risers of the stairs.
  2. Constant filling and dumping of the machine’s water are tedious and repetitive. 
  3. You must place protective pads down on any wood and metal furniture to prevent damage.
  4. Some stains may need specialized chemicals and treatments that you are unfamiliar too.
  5. If you over-wet the carpet, it could take days to dry if not properly extracted, which in turn can cause mold.
  6. By mixing the water and soap and not properly rinsing the carpet, you leave dried sticky soap residue in your carpet that will continue to attract dirt even quicker than before the cleaning.

In conclusion, we all like to save money, and maybe renting a Rug Doctor Cleaning machine will save you a little money compared to hiring a professional Surrey carpet cleaner. Still, you would never be able to get the same results on your own, and you won’t be able to get your well-deserved weekend back either. 

For a free professional carpet cleaning quote in the Surrey, Langley, Cloverdale, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, and White Rock area, call PetSafe at 778-798-7233

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*up to 200ft² and 14 stairs, rooms can’t be combined

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frequently Asked Questions

Of course not!  We are happy to clean any carpet. In fact homes with pets are sometimes in the worst condition, which makes us better suited for any job you can throw at us.

We ask that you remove as much small furniture and clutter off the floor before our arrival.  Remove any breakables off shelves that may be in the technicians way. It may also be a good idea also to give it a quick vacuum if there is a lot of debris. Don’t worry about moving your sofas, we will be happy to do that for you.

All carpet takes different amounts of time to dry depending on type and fabric and type of cleaning required but generally between 3-10 hours. 

A single area in the home includes a bedroom, hallway, sitting room, dining room or up to 14 steps. Living room / Dining room combos, rec rooms or great rooms are considered as 2 areas. 

Sorry rooms cannot be combined. Rooms with furniture and hallways can actually be more time consuming than larger areas because the dirt and soil tend to build up a lot heavier over the high traffic areas. Plus with furniture in the room we have a lot more edging to do and moving and putting furniture on protective padding.

Yes and no. We are happy to move things like sofas, coffee tables, and small furniture. Plus anything we move is placed under protective  blocks or pads. Items we do not move under any circumstances are beds, dressers, electronics, china cabinets or any other large heavy items.

PetSafe or no other carpet cleaner can ethically guarantee 100% stain or smell removal. We are trained in a variety of methods and solutions and will try to do our best, but factors such as how long the stain has been there?, is problem in the underlay?, type of carpet?, age? Also if the carpet has been protected in the past can play a huge role if a stain is removable or not. But we do have a policy that if you pay for a specialty spot removal and we cannot remove the stain you will not be charged for that service.

PetSafe stands behind our work and offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If there is a concern with any part of your cleaning we will be happy to come back and reattempt any areas free of charge.

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